The sale of suicide kits-Criminal or Kind?

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Bill would criminalize the sale of suicide kits

SALEM — The Oregon House voted 52-6 Monday to establish a new felony charge for knowingly assisting a suicide that targets the sale of “suicide kits.”

Senate Bill 376 was introduced after Nick Klonoski, 29, committed suicide using a “helium hood” he bought online from Sharlotte Hydorn, 91, of California through The GLADD Group, or Good Life And Dignified Death.

While Oregon’s physician-assisted suicide law requires people consult with a doctor, many ready-made kits, including the one purchased by Klonoski, do not require any kind of background check for compliance with state law.

“This is narrowly aimed at people selling kits to people, not the Oregon Death with Dignity Act,”Jeff Barker, D-Aloha, said, clarifying that the law does not apply to people who give away materials to commit suicide. “This bill is about people selling this for profit.”

The crime would be a class B felony, which would allow Oregon to bring charges against people outside of state borders and therefore include all online sales.

Some legislators were concerned that SB 376B could inadvertently be used to prosecute people who unknowingly sold an object intended to assist a suicide, but Rep. Matt Wand, R-Troutdale,said the bill’s language excluded that possibility.

“‘For the purpose of’: That’s a legal mental state that means the person knows the outcome and also intends the outcome,” Wand said. “It’s the intent that’s very important in this law.”

For the measure to become law, the Senate must approve House amendments to the bill and be signed by the governor.

–Jayme Fraser
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After having experienced the “I want to die pain” from a recent bout with gangrene in my abdomen , I can sympathize with those in pain and hopeless who want a dignified death. I it might as well be assisted so that no one else is miserable or harmed in the process, and one can choose their fate. We say we practice freedom of choice, speech, religion, etc. The abortion issue has always been a debate, but it is legal for a mother to choose life or death of an infant, why not a person to choose it for themselves? 

I think there should be restrictions involved so that you don’t have every depressed person having that option. I believe it should only be available when it’s clear there is no cure, solution or end of suffering otherwise but that the same should be available in all states. I don’t know about having “kits” for it though. That seems a little too retail and a lot non-medical.  Of course, everyone has the option to live or die anyway, its just a matter of when and how you do it (not considering the religious or any other aspect of when you live or it’s your day to die.)

Unfortunately, if this is legalized and widespread as a product, you’d also then have court battles ensuing and I can see gold-diggers and entrepreneurs jumping at the chance to open “death clinics” where you can live out fantasies and dying wishes for a “small fee.” I don’t really find that comforting and dignified… 

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